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Welcome to the web site of the Russian American Medical Association!

imgAboutusWe are happy to see you here and hope that you will find our goals and work interesting and important. RAMA is a network of independent groups and individuals who try to help each other, patients and colleagues in the US, Russia and other countries of the Former Soviet Union.

From the very beginning our goals included academic advancement, humanitarian help, networking and representation of our members’ interests, and we’ve made a significant progress in all these areas.

Please, join us in this work, and you will find it rewarding.

                                                                              Boris Vinogradsky, MD, FACS

                                                                              RAMA Founder and the Chairman of the Board
                                                                              General Surgery Cleveland, OH


Key Partners

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                                                                            Russian American Pharmasists Association (RAPhA)


Russian American Medical Association (RAMA) was created to facilitate and enable Russian American physicians and other health care professionals to excel in patient care, teaching and research, and to pursue their aspirations in professional, humanitarian and community affairs. Russian American Medical Association was founded and incorporated in 2002.


Our vision is to promote professional solidarity in the pursuit of excellence in patient care, teaching and research and bring the best of medical knowledge and experience from American and Russian healthcare professionals, scientists and businessmen to foster productive international cooperation.


  • Respect for human dignity.
  • Commitment to collegiality and ethical conduct.
  • Promote the professional advancement of colleagues.
  • Pursuit of excellence.
  • Commitment to community service.


  • Educate and strive for academic excellence
  • Promote humanitarian work
  • Create a professional community
  • Representation

RAMA wants to enable its members to:

  • Provide the best patient care with compassion.
  • Maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.
  • Help patients to become fully informed and empowered partners.
  • Maintain their professional pride in the practice of medicine.
  • Advocate for professional freedom.
  • Advance their knowledge through continuing medical education.
  • Pursue careers in academics, research and administrative fields
  • Remain current and knowledgeable in contemporary and anticipated legislative and regulatory changes impacting on the practice of medicine.
  • Assert equal protection in all their professional pursuits through collective advocacy.
  • Promote vibrancy of the RAMA by facilitating it to embrace change and teamwork, and subordinate personal interest in the pursuit of a shared vision.


Russian American Medical Association, Inc. (RAMA) is a duly registered Ohio nonprofit corporation and as such has the exclusive right to this name. Anyone, who without the consent or authority of the Russian American Medical Association, Inc.'s board of directors uses this name may be personally liable to a third party to whom the name is represented and is subject to court action by the Russian American Medical Association, Inc.

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