Letter from the president

A message from the RAMA President 2013

Igor R. Efimov, Ph.D., F.A.H.A., F.H.R.S.

President, RAMA

Past President, RASA

The Lucy and Stanley Lopata
Distinguished Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Washington University, Saint Louis 
Associate Editor, American Journal of Physiology: Heart and Circulatory Physiology & IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering


Prior to joining Washington University in 2004, Professor Efimov was a professor at Case Western Reserve for four years. Professor Efimov has also held positions at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine and the Institute of Biological Physics in Puschino, Russia.


Professor Efimov investigates bioelectric mechanisms of cardiac normal conduction and arrhythmia. Using state of the art biophotonic imaging, he works on development of novel anti-arrhythmia therapies, including low-energy painless defibrillation therapy for atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia. Using molecular biology, tissue engineering and multimodal imaging techniques, the Efimov lab works to engineer the pacemaker and conduction system of the heart.


Dear RAMA Members and Friends:

I am humbled and proud to be elected as a new president of the Russian American Medical Association. RAMA has just celebrated its 10th birthday - congratulations to all members of this organization and to Dr. Boris Vinogradsky, the founder and chairman of the board of RAMA, whose vision and passion led us through these formative years to current success and prestige of RAMA.  I have been fortunate to participate in the work of this great organization from the very beginning. Now I am looking forward to furthering medical, scientific, business, and educational agenda of RAMA.

In this letter I would like to propose the implementation of several new initiatives.

First, to further invigorate the life of our organization, I would like to call for nominations of new members of the Board of Directors, who have the ideas, energy and experience needed for RAMA to expand and flourish in the next decade. We invite nominations, including self-nominations, for these prestigious positions of new leaders who have breakthrough ideas for new direction and new projects related to medical missions, biomedical training programs, novel approaches to biomedical education, and new advancements in medical industry and technology. To brainstorm the future of RAMA I call for a retreat of the current and aspiring members of the Board in January in Napa Valley, California.

Second, I am happy to announce the establishment of a new journal of the Russian speaking professionals world-wide encompassing medical, scientific, engineering, business, dental, legal and investment communities. This journal will be led by a member the Board, Dr. Elena Atochina-Vasserman as it's Editor-in-Chief. We invite new established and aspiring authors, who are interested in sharing their ideas and thoughts with the medical and broad professional Russian-speaking community.

Third, RAMA has established an honorable tradition of medical and educational missions that has saved hundreds of lives in Russia and helped Russian physicians in acquiring new skills, learning new therapies, competences, and practices. In the upcoming year we will continue these activities and will add new directions in sharing our expertise. In less than two weeks I will represent RAMA at the round table discussion in Washington, DC that will bring together Russian and American experts in education, business and sciences aiming to enhance translational science in Russia. In May of 2013, RAMA will participate in a visit to the Far East Federal University, a newly established research University in Vladivostok, whose campus was recently completed and which hosted the latest G20 meeting. Through the year, we will take part in developing new education and research program of newly created Department of Biological and Medical Physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The RAMA members will continue developing new medical businesses in Skolkovo and other Russian innovation centers. These are just a few exciting examples from our growing portfolio of projects.

I look forward to an exiting year!

I invite all of you to join in the discussion of the vision of RAMA's bright future and to become an active part of this future.

Letter from the President of Russian American Medical Association- 2012